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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

SSSgram offers a simple and free tool to view Instagram stories anonymously without knowing. By entering the username or profile URL, you can view Instagram stories online. No need to log into an Instagram account or install another app, the whole process is secure and straightforward. Check out the steps below: 

Step 1

Enter IG Username

Open Instagram and find the account whose stories you want to view or download. Remember or copy the target username. Alternatively, you can copy the profile URL. 

get the instagram url

Step 2

Go to SSSgram website

Then, visit the SSSgram website and select the “Instagram Story Viewer” option. Enter the username or paste the copied profile URL into its input box. Click the View button.

view instagram stories

Step 3

View or download Stories

SSSgram will load the videos and photos from the profile. Now, you can view stories anonymously and also download them to your device. To save a story video, click the Download button and it will be saved in original quality. 

download instagram story

When to Use Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

We all know that Instagram lets users see who views their stories and profiles. While this is usually fine, there may be situations where you want to view someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously without them knowing, or simply because you don’t want to register an Instagram account. In such cases, you can use the SSSgram’s Instagram viewer tool. You can view Instagram stories, highlights, photos, reels, and more and save and download them in HD quality.

No Account or Registration Required


No Account or Registration Required

The best part of using anonymous Instagram viewer is that you don’t need an account. And there’s no requirement to install any software. All you need is the profile link or username of the person you want to stalk on Instagram.
View and Download Stories Anonymously


View and Download Stories Anonymously

You can view anonymously and download stories for future review. When the user checks who’s seen their story, no viewer information will be left, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.
Free and Easy to Use


Free and Easy to Use

There is no limit to viewing and downloading Instagram content using SSSgram. No matter how many videos and photos you download, it’s all for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

The Instagram Story Viewer allows you to view posts and videos by entering a username or profile link without opening the Instagram app.

Does the Instagram Viewer work on mobile devices?

Yes, SSSgram Instagram Viewer is an online website that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and PC.

Can Instagram users see who viewed their story?

Yes, Instagram offers the feature to view a list of people who have seen their Stories. If you don’t want to reveal your visit, you can use the anonymous stories viewer for Instagram

Can you view someone’s Instagram story if they are private?

If someone’s Instagram account is private, you can only view their Stories if they approve you to follow them. If they haven’t approved your follow request, you won’t be able to see their private story videos.

Is using Instagram Viewer safe?

SSSgram never tracks users’ viewing and downloading behavior. Moreover, it does not require registering or logging into an Instagram account, ensuring user information is absolutely safe.

Can I download Instagram stories and photos?

Yes, you can download Instagram videos and photos for free and without any limitations. The content will be saved in high quality.

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