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SSSgram is an online site that downloads videos from popular social media, including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 

With its Facebook Video Downloader feature, it’s possible to solve the restricted problem of downloading Facebook videos. The videos will be saved to MP4 format automatically with a high definition. It solely lets the user download Facebook content without the need for any extra apps or websites.

Learn more about it with the listed specified features:

  • It serves cost-free procedure and downloading.
  • It supports all kinds of Facebook content viewing and downloading such as videos, stories, posts, statuses, profiles, and reels.
  • It enables downloading private Facebook videos, so it’s considered the best private Facebook video downloader.
  • It does not limit you to downloading Facebook content, meaning unlimited downloading is possible.
  • Supports offline viewing.
  • Downloads any length of videos without interruption, just you need to have a strong Internet connection.
  • It downloads the highest possible quality of content, which means the content is downloaded in the original quality whatever it may be from 360p to 1080p or 4k.
  • It also has a Mobile app which creates more ease for handy downloading.
  • A sharing option is available for the downloaded Facebook content to the different video-sharing platforms.

How to Download Facebook Videos and Photos in HD Quality?

Get your favorite Facebook videos and photos by following these simple steps with SSSgram, simply you can get the Facebook video download 4k.

Step 1: Get the Facebook Video Link

Open your Facebook account and see the video or photo you want to download. Click on the 3 dots … or the Share icon of the video or photo, both will redirect with the option of ‘Copy Link’. Click on it.

Get the Facebook Video Link

Step 2: Paste the Link

Go to the browser and open the SSSgram website. Paste the copied link to the inbox bar of this site. Then click on the ‘Download’.

download facebook videos

[If you are using this website on iPhone then it is suggested to use Safari and for Android or PC, any browsers can be used.]

Step 3: Select the Resolution and Download the Video

After the first click on ‘Download,’ there will appear options regarding resolution (Download HD or Download SD) and (for Facebook Audio – Download MP3) for video whereas for a photo (Download). Select any and click on it. The video or photo will be saved on the ‘Files’ of the phone storage.

If selected download with HD or SD the video format will be automatically saved to MP4. So you can get Facebook to MP4. 

download facebook videos in HD

[Additionally, there is always a popup recommendation of SSSgram App in the process of downloading the Facebook content. So you can try its app for more convenience.]

Why Should Use Facebook Video Downloader? 

1. Offline Viewing

One of the main reasons to use the Facebook video downloader is to watch videos offline. Irrespective of the time or place you can simply watch the videos without an internet connection. Download videos and save them to your device and here you go watch them anytime, anywhere.

2. Easy Sharing to Other Platforms

Facebook video downloader has an in-built feature of easy sharing to many other social platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Download the video and you’re ready to share it. Now share your favorite or informative Facebook videos with friends or in a group without facing any troubleshooting.

3. Saving the Memorable Moments

Facebook is the collection hub of memories whether it’s with friends, family, or colleagues. By downloading these videos or photos you can preserve those precious moments forever, even after the original post is deleted.

4. Educational Purposes

Many educational and informational videos on various topics are shared on Facebook. With the downloaded videos, you can make a personal customized collection of education-related content that can refer to and use at any time. Whether it could be used for your assignment, projects or presentation.

5. Getting Marketing-Related Material

You can get several videos on Facebook that can help you with your marketing campaigns and strategies. Save those videos and extract the concept for marketing tactics whenever you require. It’s now a hassle-free way to get Facebook videos downloaded with the help of renowned site SSSgram. 


Can I download the Facebook livestream?

You can download it once the live streaming has ended during the live session it is not possible.

Does Facebook video downloader track the downloading behavior of a user?

Not at all. Feel secure to use the Facebook video downloader, it does not trace, track or keep the downloading history.

Which is the best online website for Facebook story download?

SSSgram is the best Facebook stories downloader, it is packed with many other features for downloading different Facebook content for free.

We can watch Facebook videos in HD, but is it possible to save the videos in HD resolution?

Definitely, you can save Facebook videos in their original quality whether it is in 360p or 1080p.

What is a Facebook Private Video?

Facebook private video means a video shared in a private group, private user’s profile, or fan page which is not viable to everyone.

Don’t miss out on your favorite Facebook content! Bookmark the best Facebook video downloader – SSSgram for easy and quick access also, download its APK available for Android to unleash more features. Start downloading today to cherish the memories with friends and family.

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