Download Instagram Story Fast and Free in 1080p


How to download Instagram stories in 1080p high quality for free

The easiest web tool that makes it possible having Instagram story download 1080p, which only take three steps.

Step 1

Select the story you want.

First, open your Instagram application and then click on your stories from your main page. After that, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. A copy link will appear from there. After this step click on it and that’s all there is to it. The link will be copied and followed in the next step.

instagram story download high quality

Step 2

Open the website

Now open the website and click on the options and select download Instagram story. Now, on the same page, paste the link in the provided space. Once you paste the copied link then you can select the download button. A menu of different choices will appear for you to customize.

instagram story download hd

Step 3

Make customized settings and download

You can choose the video quality and format of an Instagram story with the video that you want to download. After you’ve made these adjustments, click Download, and the content will be downloaded in your gallery in a few seconds. Only a few minutes will be required to complete the process. Furthermore, you are free to download it as many times as you like, and we will not impose any restrictions.

instagram story download hd quality

Why should you use SSSGram to download Instagram stories

When selecting a downloader for Instagram material, make sure it provides you with a few advantages and perks. With us, you’ll get both, and to begin, we’ll go through some of the advantages of using SSSGram to download Instagram stories and statuses. Using SSSGram comes with a lot of benefits such as:


Easy to access

You can access SSSGram from your mobile, tablet, laptop, and PC. You don’t need to go for any complex steps. Just open the website and you can see all the further steps.


Free to use

There are no charges to use the website. SSSGram provides many benefits that allow its users to have trust in it.


Unlimited downloads

You can download the number of stories as much as you want. It’s up to you that how many videos you want to download from SSSGram.

Some more apps you can download on SSSGram

In SSSGram, you have multiple options from where you can download videos in different formats. Following are some important options and tools which are provided by the SSSGram:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Instagram story downloader?

It is an online web tool from where you can download Instagram stories in a high-quality format.

Should I need to log in to Instagram to download stories?

There is no need to log in to download stories.

Is there any need to install any extension to download Instagram stories from SSSGram?

No, you don’t need to install any extension

Are there any charges to download from SSSGram?

No, there are no charges to download from SSSGram

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