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How To Download Instagram Release Video

There are four easy steps to download Instagram videos using SSSGram Downloader easily.

Step 1

Choose the video you want to download

Open the Instagram app and choose the video to download. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the chosen video. Among the pop-up options, select “Copy link” to get the URL of the video on the clipboard.

instagram release download video

Step 2

Log in to the SSSGram Downloader

Go to the SSSGram website, and in the given bar present in the center of the page, paste the link you just copied. Click on the Download button just below the bar.

instagram video release download

Step 3

Select the format of the video

While downloading, you can customize the quality and format in which you want the Instagram release video. You can download it in HD, or any other lower resolution.

instagram release video download online

Step 4

Download and save the video

After selecting the format, you can proceed to download and save the video for free. Depending on the length and size, the downloading time will not take more than two minutes.

instagram release video download online

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SSSGram Downloader helps you to Instagram release video download with original quality on any device without any restrictions. You can enjoy watching them without an Internet connection by downloading and saving the video easily.



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Is downloading private Instagram videos illegal?

Instagram video release download is neither illegal nor prohibited. All the videos available in an open space on different social media platforms are free to download. However, there are some restrictions on reusing those videos for personal or commercial purposes.

Does the quality of the Instagram video differ while saving it on the device?

With the help of SSSGram Downloader, the quality of the Instagram release video download online is original. At the same time, you can customize the quality while saving the video in terms of resolution and format, but the default quality is the same as that of the uploaded one.

Can videos be downloaded in bulk?

The SSSGram Downloader does not allow you to download Instagram videos in bulk. It is advised to copy and paste the links of all the videos to be downloaded on a document. Then, each link can be separately used in the downloader one by one.

Can Instagram photos be saved with this tool?

SSSGram Downloader allows you to save different types of content, including photos, videos, reels, and stories, on any device.

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