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How to Download Live Instagram

Instagram Live lets people watch videos in real-time. But what if you want to review and share the live broadcast after it’s ended? SSSGram IG Live Downloader makes that possible, allowing you to download live from Instagram when it’s shared to the Instagram profile and feed. So, let’s learn how to do that using SSSGram IG Live Downloader.

Step 1

Find the live replay

The first thing you need to do is to find the replay of the live video. You just tap on the user’s profile, and you’ll have access to saved live videos. Here, look for the live video replay you wish to download.

download live instagram

Step 2

Copy and paste the IG live link

When you have a live video or stream that you want to download, copy the video link by clicking on the share button. Now, go to SSSgram IG live downloader site, paste the copied link, and click download.

download live instagram

Step 3

Download Instagram live video

After loading the video, click download below and the Instagram live video download will automatically begin. This process will only take a moment; then you can watch the Instagram live video whenever you want.

instagram live stream download

SSSGram: Free Instagram Live Video Download Online

Next, here are some reasons why SSSGram is the best IG live downloader.


Easy to Download

With SSSGram, you can download live videos from Instagram within a few taps. This also works for IG photos, Reels, Stories, etc. Simply copy the URL to your Instagram photo or video and paste it into the SSSGram input field, and your download will begin immediately after clicking the download button.


Download with No Ads

You’ve probably seen the intrusive ads and pop-ups that appear on other IG live downloader websites. This will never happen on SSSgram. Unlike others, SSSgram does not make money by displaying ads. It is clean and ad-free, and you can download Instagram live videos quickly.


Download in High Definition

The SSSGram IG live downloader provides the highest-quality downloads. There are no pixelated, spotty images that irritate you. Everything you download from SSSGram is of high quality and looks just like it does on Instagram, which is the original quality. 


Where are Instagram videos after they are successfully downloaded?

For Android users, your files will be directly available in the browser’s ‘Downloads’ folder. At the same time, you can also find your downloads in the gallery app and file management apps on your phone.

For iPhone users, after the download is complete, a row of small text displaying “Download -> Download completed, Open in…” will appear at the bottom of the browser. Here, you can open and view the file right, but if you need access to the original file, you’ll need to look for it in the Files app.

For PC users using Google Chrome to download live video from Instagram, you can find your file by clicking on the browser’s settings, then navigating to the ‘Downloads’ folder. Alternatively, you can also find the file in the location that you have designated for downloads (such as the desktop if you’ve set it as the default location for downloads).

Is SSSGram IG live downloader free?

Yes, the SSSGram IG live downloader is 100% free to solve your download needs.

Can I watch a live Instagram video after it ends?

Absolutely! That’s exactly what SSSGram is designed to do. It helps you download live Instagram videos so you can watch them anytime after the live session has ended.

What else can SSSGram download?

SSSGram is not just for downloading Instagram live videos. It’s quite versatile, supporting multiple file types. This includes Instagram stories, reels, IGTV videos, highlights, photos, and even MP3 audio files.

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