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Looking for the most convenient way to save videos from Instagram? SSSGram’s Instagram video downloader is what you need. It works online and supports downloading Instagram stories, reels, posts, highlights, IGTV, and profile pictures. In SSSGram, you can download Instagram videos in original HD quality and for free. Here are the features and benefits, and it also explains why SSSgram is better than other Instagram video downloader online tools.

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Access from Any Device

Among the greatest reasons to choose SSSgram Instagram downloader services is the ability to access it on any device, from your mobile phone, PC, or tablet. It’s also compatible with all major web browsers. 

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Download without Limits

In SSSGram you can download as much content as you want from Instagram. You can save a single reel video, profile picture, or multiple images and files in a carousel post and story.

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Permanent Free Use

Everything mentioned is free to use and always will be. And when we say free, it is for real. Here you don´t need to subscribe or leave us your email. Just open the browser and use SSSGram for Instagram video downloads.

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All Instagram Files

SSSGram allows you to download Instagram videos, photos, reels, stories, profile pictures, and IGTV from public accounts easily. Please note that downloads are for personal use only.

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Original HD Quality

No need to worry about quality loss as SSSgram provides you with the original quality and format: MP4 for videos, JPG for photos, and also MP3 files. 

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Without App Installation

Since SSSgram is an online site, you can use it anytime without installing apps or extensions. All your Instagram video downloads are processed quickly and securely. 

How to Download Videos and Photos from Instagram

Using SSSgram is simple and fast. All you need is an Instagram video link. Here is a step-by-step guide to download Instagram videos and photos.
Step 1

Copy the Instagram video link

AGo to the Instagram app or website, and copy the URL of the video or post you want to download. This can done by tapping the share icon or 3-dot ፧ icon and then selecting the “Copy link” options.

Copy the Instagram video link

Step 2

Open SSSGram and paste the link

With the link that you just copied, enter the SSSGram website. Paste the link into the input box and click the download button. SSSgram downloader will start to process the video link.

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Step 3

Download from Instagram

After a few seconds, the videos and the photos are ready to download. Just press the download button again to save Instagram videos and photos in original quality. The whole will not take you more than 1 minute.

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Download Instagram Photos and Videos on PC

We’ve mentioned how to download from Instagram above, the steps are available for mobile phones and computers. However, if you are downloading Instagram videos on a PC or Mac, refer to the following guide. 
Step 1

Copy the link

There are 2 ways to get the Instagram video download link on PC. Visit the Instagram website, open the video and copy its URL from the address bar, or you can click on the 3-dot in the upper right corner of the video and click “Copy link”. To save time, you can also copy the profile link. 

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Step 2

Open SSSGram

Add a new tab on your browser and enter SSSgram website.  Paste the link that you copied and click the button to retrieve the file.

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Step 3

Start the Download

After a short time, you will see all videos or photos included in this link. Choose the one you want and click again the blue button below to save it on your PC. The downloaded content can be directly located in the Downloads folder. 

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Download Videos from Instagram to iPhone

For iPhone users, it is recommended to use Safari to access SSSgram and download Instagram photos and videos.
Step 1

Copy the link on Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your iOS devices and find the story or post you want to download. Tap the forward icon and choose “Copy link”. 

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Step 2

Enter SSSGram to paste the link

Open Safari or Chrome, and enter SSSGram. Paste the link you just copied and click the Download button. It will load briefly and then show you the videos and photos. Select the ones you need and hit the Download button again. 

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Step 3

Check downloads 

If you are using Safari, you’ll see a small blue download icon on the search field. Tap on it to view the downloads. If you are using Chrome or another browser, you can find the downloaded content in the Files app.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download and save Instagram stories?

There are 2 ways to download stories from Instagram.
1. You can save your own stories by clicking on the ⋮ and then save them to your devices. 

2. Use SSSGram Instagram stories downloader: copy the story link and paste it into the box and then click the download button to download the stories.
download instagram stories with sssgram

Can I download Instagram reels?

For sure, the steps to download reels from Instagram are the same: Copy the link from the Instagram Reels and paste it into the search box of SSSGram. Then click the download button to save the reel video with audio.

Where are the downloaded Instagram videos and photos?

On Android phones: In the upper right corner of Chrome, click the three-dot icon and go to Downloads. You can also find downloaded files on gallery and file manager apps.
On PC & Mac: Click on the vertical three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the browser > Downloads
On iPhone: Open the Files app and tap the Downloads folder.

What types of file formats are supported for downloading?

SSSgram supports downloading Instagram videos in MP4 and MP3 formats. They are the most popular video and audio formats. Instagram photos will be saved in JPG file format.

Is SSSGram safe to use as online Instagram downloader?

For sure, it is safe because you don’t need to provide any personal information when using SSSGram Instagram downloader.

Can I download media from private accounts?

No, downloading from a private account is not supported and also not recommended.

Download private stories & videos Install SSSGram App