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Instagram Video Downloader

SSSGram is an online Instagram Video and Photo Downloader, which supports Reels, stories, posts, highlights, igtv, and profile downloads. Both single and bulk downloads are available here.
In SSSGram, you can download Instagram videos in MP4 and audio format with their original quality for free.
We want to guarantee you an excellent experience when downloading videos and photos from Instagram.

Instagram Video Downloader SSSGram

How to Download Videos and Photos from Instagram

Using SSSGram as your Instagram downloader online is simple and quick. Here is the step-to-step guidance on how you can download Instagram videos and photos using this Instagram downloader online for free.
Step 1

Copy the link to the video or picture

First, find the link to the content you want by the share buttons ፧ and click on the option Copy link or simply copy it from the address bar. Here is more detailed guidance on how to find the link to different types of Instagram content.

download from instagram

Step 2

Open SSSGram and paste the link

With the link that you just copied, enter the SSSGram website. Paste the link in the search bar and then click on the blue download button. The website will start to process the link.

instagram downloader

Step 3

Press the blue button to download from Instagram

After a few seconds, the videos and the photos are ready for you to download them. Just press the blue download button to save them, which will not take you more than 1 minute.

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SSSGram’s Advantages on IG Videos and Photos Download

When you are looking for methods to download from IG for pc or any other device, SSSGram is your best option. Here are some of the benefits you will get by using us as your private free Instagram downloader, which is better than sssinstagram.

instagram downloader download

Access from Any Device

Among the greatest reasons to use our Instagram downloader services is the possibility of accessing from a mobile, pc, tablet and any device that has access to a browser.

a downloader for instagram

Download without Limits

We have no restrictions for you. In SSSGram you can download as much content as you want from Instagram. The photos, reels, and iGTV that you want to share or then stories that you want to save.

instagram downloader app download

Permanent Free Use

Everything we have mentioned is free today and always will be. And when we say free, it is for real. Here you don´t need to subscribe or leave us your email. Just open the browser and use SSSGram for your downloads.

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All Instagram Downloader

SSSGram supports any type of Instagram content download. From traditional photos to the newest long videos and reels. Also, highlight stories (publication of 2 to 10 photos, images, or videos).

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Instagram Video Download

With all the amazing videos on Instagram, SSSGram strives to help you with reels video, story videos, igtv live videos and any IG videos download online. Get the Instagram Video Download by link quickly here.

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Instagram Reels Downloader

Both Reels video and audio downloads are supported here. SSSGram has a partnership with For reels audio downloads, just upload the downloaded reels to convert.

How to Download Videos from Instagram on Android

Just like the tutorials above, it is very simple to download things on Android devices. Here is how SSSGram will work on your Android devices.
Step 1

Get the link from the Instagram

As always, you will begin with Instagram and copy the link for the videos or photos that you want to download.

download from instagram

Step 2

Enter our website – SSSGram

Open whatever browser you have on your Android device to enter our website, and paste the link in the box. Next, click the blue download button.

download from instagram

Step 3

Start your Download from Instagram

Once SSSGram completes processing, they’re ready for download. Press the blue download button, and the download will start.

download from instagram

Steps to download from IG on PC

No matter whether you are using Mac, windows or any other PC device, SSSGram supports them. Below are the steps to use the SSSGram downloader online to download from IG.
Step 1

Copy the Instagram video or photo link

You can get the link to the content you want by using the share option or just copy the url of the specific content in the URL bar at the top of the page.

download from instagram

Step 2

Open SSSGram

Open any browser on your PC and go to SSSGram. Paste the link that you copied and click the button on the right to start downloading.

download from instagram

Step 3

Start the Download

After a short time, you will see all videos or photos involved in this link. Choose the one you want and click again the blue button below to save it in your PC’s offline storage.

download from instagram

How to Download from Instagram on iPhone

Using our Instagram downloader online on iPhone is as simple as it shows. Here is how you can use it.
Step 1

Copy the link on Instagram

You can get the link to the content you want by using the share option or just copy the URL of the specific content in the URL bar at the top of the page.

download from instagram

Step 2

Enter SSSGram to paste the link

Open any browser on your iPhone and then enter our website SSSGram. Paste the link in the link box and tap the blue download button next to the box to start the process.

download from instagram

Step 3

Tap the blue download button to get the content

After processing, there will be a blue download button. Tap it and you will find the content in the files application on your iPhone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download and save Instagram stories?

There are 2 ways to download stories from Instagram.
1. You can save your own stories by clicking on the ⋮ and then save them to your devices. 

2. Use SSSGram Instagram stories downloader: copy the story link and paste it into the box and then click the download button to download the stories.
download instagram stories with sssgram

Can I download Instagram reels?

For sure, the steps to download reels from Instagram are the same: Copy the link from the ፧ and paste it to the box of SSSGram reels downloader and then click the download button.

Can I use SSSGram to download from Instagram on my iPhone or Android phone?

Yes, from any device you can access our website to download whatever you want from Instagram online. It helps you to download online from Instagram on all mobile phone models.

Should I add an extension for Instagram free download?

No, just enter our website and paste the link of the content you want to download and you will be able to get them on your devices.

Is SSSGram safe to use as IG downloader?

For sure, it is safe because you don’t need to provide any personal information when using SSSGram Instagram downloader.

Are there any special requirements to use SSSGram to download from Instagram?

No, only a stable internet connection and a browser on your device. There are no other extra requirements regarding the software or hardware of your devices.

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