Get The Video Link In Instagram


If you’d like to share an Instagram video or photo outside of Instagram, you’ll need to get the video link of the item. We’ll guide you on obtaining these links via the account you have on your Instagram account, either on the desktop or on your mobile. Be aware that you cannot obtain links to images or videos stored in your personal Instagram account. In these accounts, Instagram doesn’t offer an option to request an account link.

Part 1: What You Need to Know
Part 2: How To Get Instagram URL
Part 3: How Do You Find the Instagram Link on Android/iPhone?
Part 4: How Do You Copy Links from The Web Browser?
Part 5: Opening Someone Else’s Story Link

What You Need to Know

get the video link in Instagram
Sharing or copying the link to your story couldn’t be any easier. Be aware that the URL you receive corresponds to the place you’re in the story whenever you copy or share the link. If you copy its URL at the start of the story, the person who opens it will start from the beginning. If you give the link into the midpoint, it will be able to open it in the middle (though you can always return to the beginning if they wish to go back to previous content).

In addition, although you can find that “Copy Link” option in the “More” menu when you publish your story Close Friends only, however, the link will not be able to open the story as it’s not publicly accessible. If the story is a public one and you decide not to share the story with others, others are still able to see the story through the link.

How To Get Instagram URL

get the video link in Instagram
The best part is that you don’t have to be restricted to having a URL generated from your personal account on social networks—Instagram profile. You could also obtain Instagram account URLs for all profiles, even if it’s private. In the case of private profiles, the situation, it shouldn’t be an exciting thing since even if you have the URL of private profiles, does not mean that you have access to the content of their account as, after all, that’s why you have an account that is private Instagram.

Furthermore is that you can also receive an Instagram URL for your Instagram blog post to use for your own posts as well as for other posts. To access the URL of Instagram from a post you must access the article first. In other words, this means you can’t get the URL of the Instagram post if the account is not private because when you are unable to access it then you cannot access the URL of the post. However, when you have a private account, you’d think that you would be able to gain access to their posts, and in this method, access the URL content that has been shared through private accounts, however if this is possible, it would mean that the reason for having a private account would be removed, so it’s not possible.

Instagram offers three URL choices on Instagram that are as follows:

  • The URL of Instagram’s Video
  • URL for Instagram’s page
  • URL for Instagram’s photo

How Do You Find the Instagram Link on Android/iPhone?

get the video link in Instagram
If you’re unable to access Instagram in a browser and you can only access it through the app, you’ll be able to locate your URL by putting it all together manually.
1.Launch the Instagram application for either your iPhone or Android and sign in if required.
2.You can open your profile by tapping your picture in the lower-right corner of the menu’s bar.
get the video link in Instagram
3.After you’ve opened your profile, be aware that you have your Instagram username, which is located at the top of the page.
4.The Instagram URL comprises two parts your Instagram username and Instagram’s website address. Your Instagram username is separated with slashes.

How Do You Copy Links from The Web Browser?

get the video link in Instagram
You can follow these steps to copy hyperlinks from your web browser:
get the video link in Instagram

  • Step 1: First, open any browser and go to
  • Step 2: Log in to your account with Your Password and User Id as well as your Password.
  • Step 3: You will need to search for the picture or video you wish to copy the link onto your clipboard.
  • Step 4: Select the article you wish to copy the link from.
  • Step 5: On the new screen, tap three dots.</li
    get the video link in Instagram
  • Step 6: Next in the pop-up menu, click Copy Link.

get the video link in Instagram

Opening Someone Else’s Story Link

get the video link in Instagram
Let’s say you get the Instagram Story link. What happens when you click it? If you’ve got Instagram downloaded on your smartphone, clicking the link will open the app in a matter of seconds, taking you directly to the location in the story the link is directed to. Easy, right?

If your device doesn’t come with the application installed, it will open Instagram on the mobile web browser. It’s not a big deal, but you’ll have to sign in to be able to access the story. If you have to sign up first, then tap on the story or copy and paste the link in order to view it.

If, however, you don’t have the permission to access the story, it could be because the account of the creator has been made private or the story is intended for Close Friends only, the story has been deleted, or there’s no story that’s available for the present day. In those instances, you’ll get “Story Unavailable.”

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