The Easiest Way to Download Video from Instagram Link

Download video from Instagram link on your device using these simple steps. This method is 100% free and easy to do for users.

How To Download Link of Instagram

Sssgram is one of the most reliable site when it comes to download video from instagram link. It helps you download Instagram videos directly to your device without any hindrance. All you have to do is get the link to your Instagram video and you can download it right away. Here’s the complete guide on how to download link instagram using Sssgram to any of your device:

Step 1: Select Instagram Videos

From Instagram, scroll through your favorite videos and decide which ones you’d like to download to your device.
link to mp4 instagram

Step 2:Copy and paste the link of the video.

Click the share button and select copy link. You need the link to download instagram link from Sssgram. Go to Sssgram site by typing in onto the address bar of your browser and press enter. Paste the copied link into the link bar.
convert instagram link to mp4

Step 3: Begin the downloading process.

Click download, as soon as you have chosen the format and clicked download, your file will be downloaded automatically.
instagram link to mp4 converter

Sssgram: The Best Way to Download Instagram Video Link

Next, here are some reasons why this is the best app for downloading Instagram story.

Free & Unlimited Download

Use Sssgram to enjoy free and unlimited Instagram download from any of your device. The site offers its service for free to users. You don’t need to pay to use any service from sssgram.

Fast Download

Download any kind of files from Instagram swiftly. It generally only takes a few seconds to download the files. It is achieved by Sssgram technology which supports high speed download and prioritizes users' needs rather than annoying pop ups on the site.

Supports Multiple Devices

Whether you are downloading Instagram videos from an iPhone or from an Android, Sssgram will work just fine. Even when you use your PC or Laptop, the site will work just as fast as with any devices that you can use. Make sure you follow the instructions above on how to download link instagram to video.

Sssgram Other Downloads

You may save videos from Instagram link. Is the site, however, limited to Instagram downloads? The answer is of course no, because it provides its users with a wide range of download options. It allows you to download as many Instagram photos, videos, reels and stories as you want. In addition, the site offers download service for many more platforms like Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram. We can say that this is the one stop solution for internet downloads for you.


What happened to my file?

Your files will be saved in the browser’s download folder. Check your browser’s download files for a more easier way.

What is the best way to download from my smartphone?

As instructed, copy the link and paste it in to the link bar on

Is SSSGram Apk a free download?

Yes, it's completely free to use.

Is it safe to use

Yes, it's 100% safe and secure, guaranteed.